Parallax Art Fair

An art fair that’s held every year at Kensington town hall.

With 16,000 visitors, 200 – 350 independent exhibitors (from around the world) and often 7000 products on display, Parallax ‘Art’ Fair is the most important fair of its kind in London today. It is family-owned and not run by a portfolio-corporate firm. It is also managed by artists and designers. It is an event for everyone whether you are young or old, black or white, rich or poor, “educated” or not. There are no barriers or expectations about how much you are to know about art/design. The viewer is sacrosanct. This underlies why you will not find art tours or lectures at the fairs claiming to tell you what art/design is supposed to mean, do or say. We consider all that to be bogus. Nor will you find a “selection procedure” in the way that art events like to claim they promote. We consider “selection” philosophically dubious. Our approach is egalitarian. We think mutual encouragement and education is more helpful and productive. Whether you wish to understand all the ideas behind the fair or not in the way we tell it, does not matter either. What matters is that you take confidence in your own ideas about the art/design that you see on show. You are very special and so are your ideas.

Below are some images I captured while visiting. I found the artwork very interesting and inspiring. I particularly liked Robin Reynolds pen and ink drawings. His map of London was great and very up my street in style.