Illustration scrapbook

I have always had an interest in illustration from a young age. It all started when I was 11, my next door neighbour was a water colour artist. I had at that point always had an interest in art. A couple of days a week my neighbour taught me how to paint watercolours to a high standard. 

One day I broke my arm around the age of 13 and I stopped painting for a couple of weeks and lost interest in water colour painting as I thought it was fairly formal. 

When I was about 14 I got obsessed with street art and used to copy all of the styles and lettering. I had every graffiti book you could think off. When I was around 15 I started getting my friends to draw their names in graffiti etc.. This sparked me to go to college and see where I can pursue my career in street art. 

I decided to do a BTEC in Art & Design… I loved this course as it allowed me to be free and draw and practice my craft. While at college I used to do commissions for bedroom walls, car bonnets, canvases, trainers, etc etc… 

But then my tutor introduced me to David Carson and design history. Davids style was so free flowing and expressive and related to me in a way because I was creating expressive letterforms in my graffiti. 

This then got me into graphic design. Since then I started my journey into the world of Graphic Design. 

I moved to London from my home town in Telford to better my life and grow as a designer as my home town didn’t have a lot to offer in terms of creativity and expression.  I decided to take up a foundation in Art and Design at Kingston College and specialised in Graphic Design. 

While at Kingston College I worked my socks off and gained Graphic Designer of the year award. Which set me in good stead for University. I applied for various universities and Westminster offered me a Scholarship to study Graphic Communication Design. This swayed me to choose Westminster Uni. 

The images in this post is of some of my previous illustration work which I’ve done over the years. I would love to get back into illustration. 

I had a taste again by creating the Rhino project.