Glug London: Where Art and Technology Collide

The next instalment for Glug London over at the beautiful Shoreditch Townhall. The talks include the following: Made Thought, Google Creative Lab, Kin Design & Science Museum, Rachael Clancy, Art&Graft and The Beautiful Meme will showcasing how art and technology can be combined together to create wonderful pieces of work.

Made Thought

London based creative studio Made Thought work on a global scale. They help business have a closer relationship with people with a personal approach. They measure the work they do against four outcomes that are crucial to their design work. They say It must be INTELLIGENT — the result of collaborative thinking, dynamic dialogue and a clear understanding of the problem. It has to be DISTINCT — able to cut through complexity and stand out from the crowd. It needs to be PROVOCATIVE — able to change brand perception and customer behaviour. And it has to be BEAUTIFUL. The studio was co-founded by Paul Austin and Ben Parker in 2000 after the pair met when studying at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in London they worked at North design together before Made thought.

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One of Pauls main clients is G F Smith stock. I found the work they do to be very in depth and the outcomes of the work are just gorgeous. When I started out in design I worked at a printers and was always fascinated by the various types of paper and the quality of the stock G F Smith supply. I’ve worked in 3 different printers and all of them have this giant block of a book that shows the various papers that G F Smith supply.

The amazing thing that I find fascinating is that G F Smith don’t even make their own paper but just sell paper. I remember before the project for ‘Finding the worlds favourite colour’ on instagram and got involved myself. What was amazing was the data that they gathered from the results and demographic of people around the world. One thing I would love to have is to get my hands on the data and use this to help my own graphic design projects.

Tom Sharp – The Beautiful Meme

Tom Sharp is a poet, writer for design and Creative Director. He founded The Beautiful Meme. He has written for English National Ballet, Design Museum, V&A, British Library, Google, TfL, Deloitte and D&AD. He tries to make romantic and surreal things.

Tom didn’t show any of his work but explained that we shouldn’t be scared of technology. Thought out our existence we as homosapians we have always been scared of technology and how technology will change the world. It’s funny because the last talk was with Google Labs and the work they do and they showed the video advert for the automated cars and the start of Toms talk really did interlink with the work Google labs produce.

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Mike Moloney – ART&GRAFT

Mike Moloney is the founder and creative director of ART&GRAFT. They have won many awards and design specialist, distinctive and insightful visual campaigns for the worlds most ambitious brands. He began his career as a motion designer before directing music videos and commercials. He founded ART&GRAFT in 2010 and has success in the UK and US with amazing campaigns for Adult-Swim, Virgin, Cartoon Network, BBC, The Washington Post, ITV and many more.

His work is entertaining and fun and you can see the passion and joy he gets from the work him and his team produces. Being a fan of Rick & Morty from the creators of Adult Swim. I found the promotional videos for Adult Swim to be a treat and beautifully well done. The characters they produce are fun and you really do get an attachment to these characters.

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Google Creative Lab – Steve Vranakis

Steve’s work expands over 25 years. He’s worked on everything from launching the iPhone and Amazon in the UK. Also working on projects for NASA, the UN and the Greek government. Now he works for the Creative Lab at Google in London.

He shares his creative ideas and experimental work which he produces for Google’s Creative Lab. He shows us his machine learning in music to create thousands of never heard before sounds using AI to find unique works of art.

They have also developed an invisible interface using the thread as thin as hair is woven into fabrics to use for fashion. Working in collaboration with Levis Jeans to create a jacket that functions to allow the rider to then use their phone and also to help them navigate throught the city.

He also showed us the amazing Waymo, the autonomous car. The technology that goes into these projects are out of this world and shows how amazing humans can be.

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