Graphic Designer
Stephen Weeks

Personal project

This project stemmed from when I visited South Africa in 2013.

A park ranger at the Kruger National Great Park gave me the different facts and insights to the increase of Rhino Poaching across South Africa. Rhino poaching is not just a small congregation of people; it is widespread across other continents; these facts gave me the indication to bring the awareness of Rhino Poaching which is currently misread and misunderstood by many, as it is not personally affecting them. Returning home, I decided to research into Rhino Poaching and found that Rhino existence is in a drastic decline; Certain Rhino species are borderline extinct, by illegal human poaching. Research showed, there has been a staggering increase in poaching by 2000% since 2010.

Throughout my research, I have become much more culturally aware of the complications that poaching is causing. However; it is still an increasing issue that is only worsening over time. Society will only acknowledge the full extent of the problem when it becomes too late; with this, sadly, the Rhino could become non-existent within the next ten years.

I wanted to create a booklet with the facts that I have gathered but also to shed some light on the situation.

Thank you for viewing my project