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Stephen Weeks

José Simancas

Andy Napthine

CYP Europe

ISE 2018/19

Every year CYP Europe attend an AV exhibition over in Amsterdam called Integrated Systems Europe.

Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration professionals, a location where markets and people come together to collaborate, learn and do business. The 2019 edition will attract over 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees.

ISE: The home of systems integration.

ISE 2018 Guide

This was one of my first tasks was to create a guide for ISE 2018. I had only been in the job for two weeks and had the challenge to create the guide. I used my printing knowledge and we decided to go with a die-cut logo but also use the gradient colours. We also went with a soft touch lamination for that extra luxury.

Below is a couple of example pages from the guide.

Stand Design

The stand itself was designed by a stand contractor called One Big Star. I had the opportunity to create the skin shall we say for the panels of the stand. Also on top of this I had to create the signage for the screens around the screen. I really enjoyed doing the signage part as I’ve not much experience using after effects to create motion graphics.

The following link is an example of the video in motion:



ISE 2019 Guide

This year we decided to go with a black on black with the logo embossed logo. If Batman did brochures this would be it. For the inside pages, I wanted to keep with our gradient and also keep the branding consistent by using the same typefaces and styling.

This year we kept the same stand as last year. I decided to do a vector of the products wall to show where the products will be for easier navigation.

Also, we went with more hero shots of the products to show off the products more to keep the guide stylist rather than looking like a product catalogue.


Exploded 1082-pro view

Also this year I was tasked to build a exploded view of one of our flagship products the PUV-1082-Pro. This was a great challenge and brought me back to my college days of doing arts and crafts.

Also prior to creating the hanging product at the show I had to test to make sure that it worked. Our photographer then took the photos to use for the front cover of a magazine. Please see below for the magazine front cover.

Stand Design

Below is a few photos of the stand this year. Also a couple of shots of the 1082-Pro blown up in action at the show.

Also please follow links for some samples of the signage I created for the screens.

3 Stripe signage:

Stand sample:


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